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How to Describe Your Company Culture to Potential Candidates

Bringing on a new employee can be a strange experience for both the new hire and the employer. For you, the employer, this is your opportunity to explain the environment in which your new hire will be working. Depending on how it’s presented, this could set the tone for how the employee settles in their new position.

These days, company culture is a top concern for almost all workers. More than ever, employees want to ensure they will be comfortable in their environment with their new co-workers.

Unfortunately, this means there is a lot riding on that first impression, making it daunting for employers to concisely explain the nature of their company in a way that is both accurate and presents a positive picture of their company. Here are some things to keep in mind for your onboarding process that can help you and your employee get off on the right foot.

Be Prepared to Explain

There is no one sure-fire formula for describing your company’s culture. Every business is going to be unique, and every employee will have different takeaways from your onboarding content.

For employers who have interviews lined up or are planning to place a job listing, it might behoove you to take some time to describe your office culture beforehand and make sure your hiring manager has that messaging down pat. One main thing to keep an eye on is how your employees interact with one another and their workflow.

By highlighting these two important details – how your employees interact with their co-workers and their workload – you’ll be providing a much clearer picture of your company. Better transparency is one of the main things today’s job-seekers are looking for during the interviewing and onboarding process.

This can be especially true for great businesses. If you have a culture that promotes healthy relationships between your employees and allows them to maintain their mental health and a work/life balance, you should be proud of that and share it with your new hire.

Know Your Mission

Perhaps one of the most important details you can give to potential employees are the mission, vision, and goals of your company. It will help employees know if your company aligns with their own goals and morals, but could also attract employees who share your vision for your business.

Running a business is not easy. Turning your employees into advocates for your business can be even harder.

When you are forthcoming and excited about what’s most important to your company – and how your policies and culture fits into the larger picture of maintaining your vision, mission, and goals – you’ll be positioned to share the work of helping your business thrive and become profitable.

Wrapping Up

For almost every business, defining the company goals and culture can be an extremely important factor in creating a positive outlook from onboarding and beyond. Accentuating the positives in your business culture will make working for you a more appealing prospect.

A study conducted by Columbia University found that the turnover rate of employees is reduced to less than 14% with positive workplace culture and increased to a rate of almost 50% in companies with a hostile culture.

Ultimately, the best way to demonstrate your company is a great place to work is to partner with ESSG. We take all the time-consuming busy work of running a business off your plate. So rather than spending all your time processing payroll, or ensuring your employers have all their proper forms filled out, you have way more time to dedicate to building your business into the best workplace possible.

If you need assistance managing all your back-office workforce tasks, get in touch with ESSG. With our help, we can make your business a go-to employer that all of today’s top talent will want to be a part of.

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