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Our Story

Employer Solutions Group, LLC was founded in 2005, by an ex-labor law attorney, a financial banker, and a business development expert. Their diverse palette of strength, knowledge, and entrepreneurial drive collided, and the industry changing force that is ESG was born. Our approach is as simple today, as it was back then: we help businesses of any size, to lower the operating costs that come with having employees. Many of our first-ever clients are still with us today, and they all still say that without ESG, they would not have achieved the level of financial success they now enjoy.

It has been over ten years since ESG was born. We have grown up, and we continue to adapt to the marketplace’s ever-evolving needs. Today, operating a business of any size can be a thankless, and at times scary venture. Businesses need help managing the increasingly complex employee, employer, and industry related matters. Partnering with ESG to assume these responsibilities will increase profitability, decrease employee turnover, and create results that work. We are here to guide and assist you through the process in every way with a dedicated team of knowledgeable, caring, supportive people who keep your best interests at heart. Someone once asked our CEO what business he was in. His response: “We are in the business of helping people”.

Our Sales Team

Starting with us is easy and getting a quote will cost you nothing. A consultation done by our strategic partnerships team will help to discover which approach will work best for you. Let us help elevate your business, not your stress level.

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