Our core values.

We Foster Education

The Profit Center mission is to provide support to your business in the form of information, expertise, and most of all, in the relationships we are forming with you as a partner. Let's discover new ways to increase your business through a willingness to be life long scholars.

We Pursue Excellence

In each area of The Profit Center we are dedicated to developing resources and tools that give your business the competitive edge in your community. We believe excellence is a key ingredient in any successful game plan, so stand out in the competitive arena of staffing.

Your Success Is Our Success

We are your partner in your staffing journey. It is our desire to drive customers into the doors of your business because we understand by cultivating value that impacts your local communities will drive your success which in turn is our success.

We Create Fun

Business shouldn't be a drain on your energy. The Profit Center is here to help you get back to doing what you love and why you originally got into business. Through innovative program offerings we create efficiencies in your business that get you back to having fun!

About our process.

DO it Yourself Program 

Monthly Initiatives  Exciting monthly content aimed at taking your business to the next levels at an affordable weekly cost featuring ready to use templates, webinars, phone consultation & white-labeled newsletters.

Topics The Do It Yourself Program features topics aimed at enhancing your current operations with timely material such as securing new customers, employee retention, time management & rate setting.

In Your Own Time We get it, you're busy and the time you do have is a precious commodity to be utilized how you deem fit, our Do It Yourself Program is structured to be implemented at your own time frames.

In Your Own WayNo one likes it when someone comes in and tells them to rip everything they've built to shreds and that's why we've created templates and content that are ready for customization for your business, because your business is one of a kind.


Owners & Decision Makers In order to take your business to the next level it is important to invest in your most valuable resource, YOU! Whether you'd like to develop personally or professionally our team is dedicated to elevating you.

Internal Staff Targeted assessments, creating efficiencies, and empowering your team to embrace the core values of your business are just a few of the things you can expect when you engage with The Profit Center. Your internal staff will not only become more efficient, but more loyal due to your investment in them.

Relationship BuildingThere's a saying, "it's all about who you know," and this is extremely true in your local market. Discover how you can build meaningful relationships that grow over time with customers through impactful partnerships.

Success Plans
It is important to have a road map of what success looks like for your business. Let The Profit Center team guide you through foundational sessions on crafting a mission statement, vision/goals, and a customized Recharge 30-60-90 strategy.


Think BIG Are you still looking at the same pool of clients you've been chasing after for years? Maybe it is time to think BIG and explore new revenue opportunities, satellite offices, and creating a unique business model that sets you apart from your competitors.

Chart a Path Instead of letting the path be forged for you it is time to chart a path of your own where you feel in control of the destiny of your business through strategic planning/forecasting, customized processes/implementation, and accountability progress reporting sessions.

Business Evaluations It's time to roll up your sleeves and dig into the numbers of your business. Not only because this shows trends, but in the numbers is where your future profits lie. You'll receive in depth analysis of your operations, competition, cash flow/overhead, and SWOT.

Expert Reviews You don't have to be the expert in every area of your business. You just need someone who is to come alongside you who is to give a unique perspective on how your accounting and technology can be taken to a new level.