• “Our company has worked with ESG for over 10 years. Having their support with our employee taxes, has taken away a lot of stress for me. They handle it all, state, federal, UI and Work Comp. We will never go back to doing it ourselves, again. Their processes and forms are simple for anyone to understand. They have payday solutions that will work for every employee. They haven’t failed us in over 10 years, and they have a great team.”

    Business Owner, Midwest
  • “We partner with ESG for the flexibility, efficiency and expertise they provide.  ESG gives us the flexibility to do business across the U.S., without having to incur the costs and administrative burden of maintaining active status in states during times when we are not actively working in those states.  ESG has allowed us to create efficiencies in our business, because they handle our payroll, claims management and benefits administration, allowing us to cover all of these areas without increasing our internal headcount to do so.  Finally, ESG’s team has proven to be a wealth of knowledge in the areas of workers compensation, claims management and benefits management and compliance.  Not only do they handle these things for us, but they are always willing to share best practices and lend their knowledge to us in establishing our strategic business plans.”

    VP of Operations, Midwest
  • “I want to take a minute to thank the team at ESG, for the outstanding service that we receive as their client. The staff is super responsive, and very easy to work with. We value them as a partner.”

    Senior Executive VP, Midwest

  • “We couldn’t be happier with ESSG. Their skilled back office staff handles the paperwork that used to slow us down. Now we can concentrate on what we do best, helping the customer.”

    Division Manager/ Business Owner, Midwest
  • We have been with ESG for 7 years. One area they really deliver in, is helping us with regulations like ACA. We have relied on their expertise and experience, which allows us to focus on growth. They help so much with claims, reducing accidents in the workplace and fighting back on false claims. No matter how unique our challenges are, ESG always seem to find a solution that works for all. We could not be happier to have them as a partner.”

    Staffing Company Owner, Multiple States