ESG has several ways to help you grow your business. Our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service can help you to get better rates on health insurance, worker’s compensation, and state unemployment. As the employer, ESG can handle the full range of HR tasks and processes. This product allows you to keep the decision making in-house, and you will still be responsible for the operations part of your business. A PEO relationship with ESG allows you the freedom to focus on your core competencies, and we can help with the rest!

Perhaps you don’t need health benefits coverage or worker’s compensation insurance, you want to retain control over the HR processes, and you need back office support. The Administrative Services Organization (ASO) option is a good fit for a business owner who wants to control some of the HR processes. When your company keeps it’s employer status, you will retain control over your HR functions. ESG will help with compliance concerns, administrative and back office support, and more.

Our payroll processing takes the weekly stress and chaos of making sure the employees get paid, off of your shoulders! We offer electronic payment options and debit card options, too. Your payroll will be distribution ready, on time, for every pay period. We accommodate payrolls of all sizes and have systems in place to help your office to streamline their payroll related processes.