Jeff Hollander

Jeff Hollander brings two decades of relationship building and sales expertise to ESG’s Strategic Partnerships division, and works nationwide with companies of all types. From the small, family-owned company looking to compete with bigger players to large conglomerates looking to isolate risk and boost profits, Jeff knows how to create value for companies of any size or industry. Jeff has developed his specialty with ESG to study and solve the problems unique to the staffing industry. ESG’s unique model allows him the flexibility in creating a custom solution that’s a perfect fit for your company.
In addition to his extensive sales and marketing experience, Jeff is a trusted voice to the staffing industry in dealing with challenges owners may face with workers’ compensation, liability, compliance and the Affordable Care Act. He has helped many staffing companies reduce costs and reach record profits in short periods of time.
He is a 17-year Minneapolis resident with his wife and two young children.

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