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How The “Power Of Many” Can Benefit The Few (And You)

Your employees deserve the very best benefits. And they know it too

These days, workers cite benefits, even over a higher wage, as one of the main reasons they’ll stay with their current employer. And for those employees looking for work, they’re looking for the same thing, great benefits.

But, if you’re a small business, or you have a small workforce, you might not be able to offer the best benefits in the market. So what’s an employer to do? To retain the employees you currently have, and attract new employees you need to offer better perks.

That is where the power of many can benefit the few (and you).

What Benefits Are Today’s Workers Looking For?

The benefits today’s workers are looking for are as varied as the workers themselves. But, for the most part, we’re finding employers who provide great insurance packages that focus on providing the best health and wellbeing plans are able to attract the best workers.

For employers, that means offering those premium packages that only large corporations with thousands of employees can afford. 

Previously, small businesses have not been able to offer corporate-scale benefits to their employees. But our business model makes it possible. With our large, nationwide network of employees, we are able to pull together numbers that grant you access to the most exclusive insurance plans.

What this means is, now small businesses have an advantage in hiring and attracting the best talent, because not only do they get all the benefits of a small business, but they also get the benefits of a large, nationwide corporation as well.

With ESSG, You’ve Got Great Benefits. Now What?

Getting great benefits for your employees is just the first step. It’s a big step, but many employees won’t use benefits they don’t know are available. What’s more, job seekers won’t apply at companies that aren’t putting their benefits front and center in job descriptions.

Communication is more important than you may think.

While many employers assume that employees and job seekers will be so excited about their new benefits they’ll not only learn everything there is to know about them, but also how to make the most use of them. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

That is why employees need to provide clear communication about their offerings.

Begin by clearly communicating your insurance packages or wellness plans. Whether that’s by hosting training sessions for your current employees, or by highlighting those benefits in your job descriptions, the rewards are well worth it.

Employees who understand their benefits and are able to easily access help in understanding them are able to make the most of their benefits. Further, they’ll be far more likely to not only stay with their employer for longer, but also do better work, and are more loyal to their employer in the long run.

Access The Best Benefits In The Market, With ESSG

We believe in small businesses. We believe your business is more than just a business, it’s a source of health, balance, and assistance to your community. That’s why we’ve been working hard to create a unique path for small businesses to deliver the same perks only the big corporations could offer. 

Let us know how we can help. We’re standing by to answer all your questions about our benefits packages, but also, how our dedicated team of experts can provide fast, on-demand access and resources for your employee.

To learn more about how ESSG can deliver not just the best benefits, but the very best “back office” services for your employees, contact us today.

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